Commercial Premises Reinstatement Work


End of lease repair and reinstatement

We can help you "make good" a commercial property upon end of lease

Make good refers to the clause in a lease that set out how a tenant should leave a property when the lease comes to an end, whether by the expiry of the term or earlier termination.

We can ensure that the commercial property is in a condition fit for the end of lease as per your agreement.

Having the reinstatement work completed correctly helps to ensure additional costs are not incurred by either the tenant or the landlord. Our experience in commercial reinstatement work (the "make good" terms of your rental agreement) takes the stress out of the end of lease arrangements.

We can handle all of the required duties necessary to complete your "make good" process including:

  • Internal and external Painting, everything from a complete refresh to just a touch up.

  • Carpentry including door and trimming, new wall installation or wall removal and cabinetry.

  • Floor covering replacement including carpet, tiles, lino, and timber floors etc.

  • Door Lock and window lock repairs and installation.

  • Plastering work including new walls and repairs.

  • Demolition work.

  • Electrical work such as light globe/fitting changes, reloaction of power-points and switches.

  • Smoke detector installation and maintenance.

  • Graffiti removal.

  • General repairs.

  • Rubbish removal and general waste management.

  • Fire, flood and vandal damage repair.

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